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      Want to trade-in your drone and put the trade value against the purchase of a new drone in our store?

      Trading in is a great way to reduce the purchase price of a new drone, and to reduce the amount of tax you pay on that purchase (when you trade something in, you only pay tax on the value of the drone that is above the trade-in value).  It also saves you the hassle of having to sell your drone!

      We offer fair wholesale value on used drones

      Units in 100% working order with little to no cosmetic wear will be given a higher trade-in value than those that have some cosmetic wear and/or damage and/or have something that isn't working properly.

      At the bottom of this page is a link to a form you can complete to tell us about your drone.  Once we receive your info, we will get back to you with our offer within one business day.  We’ll also provide a link to allow you to obtain a free shipping label to use to send the drone to us.  

      Once we receive your drone we will do a quick inspection and flight test. 

      If all is well (everything is as was indicated in the form you completed), we will create a one-time use discount code for you to use toward the purchase of anything on our site, and notify you of that code by email, at the email address you provide on the form. 

      If we find issues that were not mentioned in your description, we will contact you with a revised offer. If you accept our new offer, we will create a one-time use discount code for you to use toward the purchase price of anything on our site, for the value of the offer.

      If you do not like our revised offer, we will ship the drone back to you at our expense.

      To begin the trade-in process, please click here