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      Interested in trading in your drone? You can read the details of our trade-in program by clicking this link


      Please complete the form, below, with as much detail as you can.  Note that we ask for the following photos of your drone:

      Drone body:

      1 each of:

      - drone from the top, looking down
      - drone from the front, facing the gimbal
      - drone from the rear,
      - drone bottom


      1 each of:

      - remote controller from front
      - remote controller from rear

      Battery or batteries (multiple batteries can be grouped in one shot)

      1 each of:

      - battery from top
      - battery from front or bottom

      Bag / Case / Original Packaging

      - any bag / case / original packaging you'd like to include in the trade


      - images of any accessories you'd like to include in the trade

      Note: as you upload the images, the screen will darken while the upload is in progress.