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      At Canada Drone, we want to offer our customers competitive pricing.  We shop our competitors regularly to ensure our pricing is right, however, if you spot something for sale on our site that is priced lower at one of our competitors, please let us know at

      We will match a competitor's price on any item on our site, assuming

      (a) the item the competitor selling is identical to the one we are selling,
      (b) the item ships from within Canada, and
      (c) the item is verified to be in stock at the competitor,

      with the following exceptions;

      1. Current DJI drones and their accessories

      2. Certified Pre-owned drones and accessories

      1. "Current" DJI Drones and their accessories

      By current, we mean the latest DJI drones, released in the past 12-24 months.  For example, the Mavic Mini, the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic Air 2; drones that are still supported by DJI.

      For these drones and their OEM (DJI) accessories, we are already priced at the lowest allowable price, and we are not allowed to sell below that price.  Current DJI drones are therefore not eligible for price matching. 

      (In fact, we recommend being wary any seller that is selling this product below our prices, as they may be a grey-market seller, and this may create issues for a customer when attempting to make a warranty claim with DJI.)

      Certified Pre-owned drones and accessories

      For our Certified Pre-owned drones and accessories, we will review price discrepancies presented to us on a case-by-case basis, however we cannot guarantee that we will match prices on these items.  

      A used item for sale on eBay or Kijiji has not been inspected or flight tested, nor can the condition of batteries be known.  In other words, there is so much variation in used items that it would be very difficult to ascertain that what one person is selling, is identical to what we are selling.

      Because we rigorously inspect, and where necessary, refurbish these drones and accessories, as well as offer a guarantee on our Certified Pre-owned items, we believe this adds value to the item as compared to another seller of a used item who does not offer a guarantee.  Certified pre-owned drones are therefore not eligible for price matching, however we will review a price presented to us and reserve the right to match it or not.

      The bottom line

      We value being known as price-competitive, and if we've missed something, we want to know about it.  We have adjusted prices on our site in the past, thanks to feedback from our customers.  We do shop our competitors regularly, but we may not catch everything. 

      We want your business, and if we're priced out of line, we'll fix it!