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      View our current selection of Certified Pre-owned Drones.

      Buying a Certified Pre-Owned aircraft can be much more cost-effective than purchasing a brand new one.  We inspect and flight test all of our pre-owned units - if they are for sale, they are ready to fly. 

      Your Certified Pre-owned Drone purchase is backed by our Certified Pre-Owned 7-day Satisfaction Guarantee: 

      If you receive your aircraft and find that it has any issues, contact us right away at and we will arrange for a replacement, or return shipping and a full refund - your choice.  We may attempt to help troubleshoot the problem if that's what we both agree to, but we guarantee that if you're not satisfied for any reason, we will refund or replace, with no additional shipping costs incurred by you.

      You can find more info on our Refund Policy here

      So what does it take to be a Certified Pre-owned unit?

      We flight test all our units, and inspect the following:

      • Check props for wear or cracks
      • Ensure props are seated properly when attached to the aircraft
      • Check body and motor mounts for signs of wear or cracking
      • With folding quads, check motor arms and joints for signs of wear or cracks
      • Check battery for signs of puffing, cracking or other damage
      • Check battery life percentage (if under 80% life, this will be indicated in the description)
      • Check firmware on aircraft, remote and batteries, and update to latest when required
      • Ensure remote is paired to the aircraft
      • Ensure proper image transmission from camera
      • Ensure gimbal is operating properly and can undergo a full calibration cycle
      • Flight test to ensure image transmission quality and range is up to spec, that aircraft flies normally, and that there are no abnormal vibrations during flight

      We guarantee our Certified Pre-owned units, so you can buy with confidence.