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      Hear what our customers are saying about us:


      All our testimonials are from actual customers who gave us permission to publish them.  In all cases, these are unsolicited, not testimonials we requested.

      • An Instagram Post from one of our customers:

      • Chris T. in Ontario said:
      “I wanted to thank you for all the amazing service you provided in this adventure. I will for sure recommend you to any of my friends looking into getting a drone the experience was fantastic. I hope I get to talk to you again one day hopefully not after I break my drone lol.”

      • Craig M from Ontario said:
      “Been out for a few flights and absolutely love the drone! 
      Thanks again for all your help. I am on an air 2 Facebook group and any Canadians asking about purchasing I give them your info. Also a few Facebook friends are seeing my videos and asking about drones, I am suggesting going through you if they want to make the leap. 

      I know you had to put a lot of work into my sale, but you have a customer for life...and hopefully a few more.”

      •  Alex H. from British Columbia said:

      "Thanks for working so fast. Drone arrives Friday and 12 day shoot start Monday… You guys saved my butt."


      • Charlie V., from Nova Scotia said:

      "Thank you,  I am appreciative for your assistance. You are great at customer service."

      • William R. from Newfoundland posted this great "shout out" video on his YouTube channel.  Please subscribe to his channel, Newfound Drone Productions, if you want to see some moving aerial footage set to beautiful music, of Newfoundland and Labrador.